baseblue cosmetics airsponge

baseblue cosmetics airsponge

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Flawlessly buff & blend makeup with the AirSponge - the best makeup sponge we’ve tried to date (and we’ve tried them all, from the $1 sponge to the priciest out there). The AirSponge Full Coverage can work for anything from tinted moisturizer to full coverage foundation. It’s texture will maximize your makeup with zero cakey appearance.

- when wet, the sponge’s water-sealed cells push product to the top to block formula buildup inside
- buff, blend, layer & contour using different ends of the sponge
- dampen the sponge to get an even yet natural appearance
- hydrophilic non-latex material
- can be used for 3-6 months, depending on care + application frequency

This item includes one makeup sponge
Retails for $8

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