barefoot scientist twinkle toes foot spray

barefoot scientist twinkle toes foot spray

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You didn’t know you needed this one until now. Or maybe you did. Take a sec & sniff your feet...

How'd that go? Don't worry, we're here to save the day.

Twinkle Toes is the ultimate odor-eliminating, bacteria-killing, foot-freshening super spray. It combines 6 powerful anti-microbial agents to instantly wipe out the bacteria & fungus that cause funky odors. The unique formula also includes calming & cleansing botanicals to leave your feet feeling refreshed, cool and clean. 

- Super versatile: instantly purify & deodorize your feet, shoes, socks, yoga mats & more
- Backed by years of research & development to create microbial elimination technology that wipes out the root causes of odor and stops odors before they start, instead of just masking them
- Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, free of Phthalates & Parabens & cruelty free

Don’t neglect your feet. Or your shoes. With how much time we spend walking in them, they deserve to smell as good as the rest of you.

This item includes one 1.7 oz bottle 
Retails for $16

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