Got questions? We have answers.

Where did the name CUCO come from?

CUCO is short for The Curated Collaborative. What does that mean?
curated: everything is curated & personalized to what you want to get in your box.
collaborative: you get a say in what the box features, everyone gets to collaborate on the box & with one another.

What types of items do you feature?

We're a holistic lifestyle box, so every month will have a variety of items from different brands. You can expect health, wellness, beauty, home, fashion, food, drink & more. We even feature CUCO branded items, completely sourced + designed for you. 

How many items are available for each box?

Each box will have twelve items available for you to choose from.

How many items do I get to pick?

You get to select between four & eight items in each box. 

What is the pricing?

Items range in price, but you can expect the average price to be around $10 per item. Our items will always be below standard retail prices, because we want to be the place where you can go to try out items with less risk (AKA $$$).

What about shipping cost?

Please see our shipping // returns page for more info. 

When do I have to make my selections by?

Each box is revealed around the 1st of a month*, & you are required to make your selections by the 15th of that month. For example, when a box is revealed on February 1st, you have until February 15th to make your selections, when a box is revealed on April 1st, you have until April 30th to make your selections, etc.

*These dates are a guideline and subject to change. We may occasionally extend the selection period. You will always be notified of any changes.

When are boxes revealed?

Box reveals are scheduled as followed*:
February 1
April 1
June 1
August 1
October 1
December 1

*Subject to change

What happens if I don't make my selections on time?

We hope you don't forget, since that's the reason you're here in the first place! But we know life happens, so if you do not make your selections by the last day of the month that box is revealed, you will be charged $40 (which can be used at The Market at anytime).

Can I change how many items I pick for each box?

Yes, you can! Each box allows you to choose between four to eight items. You are never locked in for a certain quantity. Only purchase what you want.

What is the retail value of the boxes? Am I getting a discount?

Full disclosure here, we stay away from marketing our box as "retails at X times the cost of the entire box!" As explained in our about section, we aren't as concerned about the retail value of a box, we care about the value of the box to you. However, we guarantee you are always paying below standard retail prices. The info on each item will include the standard retail prices so you know how much you're saving. We may also offer products in exclusive smaller sizes (never tiny samples!) so you can get a feel before purchasing larger quantities. We are constantly working on providing you as much value + savings as possible. This is the place to try sh*t out.

How do you pick which items are in the boxes?

This is quite a process, but in a nutshell, we vet everything that goes into the boxes. This involves researching the brand, the products, it's reviews & more. As we grow, our selection process will include your opinions as well!

How do CUCO branded items work?

Occasionally, we'll feature one or two items that we sourced + designed specifically for you. These items are exclusive to CUCO subscribers & have been heavily tested + vetted. They are always of the highest quality & value to you - we find the best options out there. 

How do I get a say in what goes in the boxes?

This is an ever-evolving process, but to start off, you have a few options:
Option 1: Collaborate here & tell us about brands or products you love.
Option 2: We will do polls & questionnaires via Instagram. Make sure you follow us

*We are constantly working to add more collaborative features. Stay tuned & if you have any features you'd like to see, reach out!

How often are boxes sent out?

Six times a year, one every other month.

When do the boxes ship out? 

Boxes ship out throughout the month they are revealed. We always strive to ship as soon as possible.
Box shipments are scheduled as followed:

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  However, you must cancel by the last day of the selection period (usually the 15th).  I.e. if boxes are revealed on January 1st, you must cancel by January 15th. This is due to the fact that boxes/memberships are locked in by the end of the selection period. 

Can I pause or skip a box?

You can skip a box or pause your subscription at any time.  However, you must cancel by the last day of the selection period (usually the 15th).  I.e. if boxes are revealed on January 1st, you must cancel by January 15th. This is due to the fact that boxes/memberships are locked in by the end of the selection period. 

How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us about anything (really, anything) at hello@thecuratedcollaborative.com.

How do I edit my account settings? (shipping address, billing, preferences, etc.)

At this time, please email us at hello@thecuratedcollaborative and we will take care of this for you.

Is billing automatic? 

You are automatically billed unless you cancel your subscription or skip a box.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Your subscription auto-renews unless you cancel.

Can I purchase items from a previous box?

Yes! You can purchase items from previous boxes at The Market.

How does The Market work?

The Market is where you can shop items from previous boxes with no commitment. While you can skip/cancel our box at anytime, we know some people just want to shop with zero commitment.

The Market also gives you a chance to buy products you may have missed out on in previous boxes. PLUS, you can buy multiple quantities of one product, if you really loved it the first time around. The best part? It's still below retail price, so you won't find a better deal anywhere else. 

*CUCO boxes will always have the lowest prices. While The Market gets you lower than retail, the best savings come from being a CUCO subscriber!