split nutrition nut butter & fruit spread packs

split nutrition nut butter & fruit spread packs

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Meet your new on-the-go snack. A favorite of Kevin Love & Kate Bock (#goals), each Split pack contains a nut butter made from real nuts, & nothing more. The nut butters pair with fruit spreads, made from the fruits themselves. A simple & honest combination.

- Only 4 ingredients

- Made with good fats, natural proteins & vitamins + antioxidants

- Made 100% without preservatives, palm oil, GMOs or gluten

Enjoy on its own or on your favorite bread for a healthy, balanced snack. Perfect for work, travel, hikes, the beach - you get it. It’s the adulting of PB&Js (but kids love them too).

This item includes four packs - select from two flavors:
Cashew Buttes + Sour Cherry Spread
Almond Butter + Wild Blueberry
Retails for $10

*For detailed ingredients & nutrition please visit splitnutrition.com