siete foods jalapeño & habañero hot sauces

siete foods jalapeño & habañero hot sauces

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It’s time to revive your hot sauce collection, & we’re here to help.

Siete Foods is known for their amazing grain free tortillas & tortilla chips, but their hot sauces are next-level. We’re not talking about heat, we’re talking about FLAVOR. 

- Not too hot. Siete focuses on flavor, not heat. These sauces aren't meant to set your mouth on fire, but they pack just enough kick to turn things up a notch. (Heat levels, for reference: Jalapeño - 2/5, Habañero - 3/5)
- Use on tacos, pizza, pasta - you name it. But even better, the thicker consistency of these allows them to be used as a dipping sauce or in a dressing
- Whole30 approved, grain free, paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free & soy free

You may find yourself bringing these guys out to eat or to the office from now on. You can thank us later.

This item includes two 5 oz bottles:
1 Habañero
1 Jalapeñ
Retails for $12.00

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