snowfox mask discovery set

snowfox mask discovery set

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This (at home) winter, we thought we’d take #selfcare to the next level. Enter SNOWFOX’s ultra luxurious sheet mask discovery set (in the cutest packaging ever).

Arctic breeze will hydrate, and calm skin (also perfect for post-sun if you need it!).

Japanese cherry blossom & white tea will smooth plump & gloss.

Herbal youth will firm & plump skin.

Hot stone facial self-warming mask will brighten discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

-Women owned business
- Eco-friendly & cruelty free
- Dermatologist approved - suitable for all skin types
- Try one of each before you take the plunge on your fave!
- Plant-based
- Free of preservatives, artificial color & fragrances

This item includes one set of 4 sheet masks:
1 Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask
1 Hot Stone Facial Mask
1 Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask
1 Herbal Youth Preservation Mask
Retails for $30